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Symptoms of Vaginal Yeast Infection

The symptoms of vaginal yeast infection are non-specific. This means that these symptoms could be similar to those of other infections. Hence, if you are experiencing these symptoms for the first time or are not sure of the reason that may be causing them, get a proper diagnosis done from a qualified physician

That said, vaginal yeast infection is essentially topical and unless the infection has entered the blood stream, it would be localized within the vaginal region. You can suspect that you are suffering from vaginal yeast infection if you experience any of the following symptoms:

A thick, curd-like, generally odorless, and white or yellow colored discharge from the vagina. The discharge is experienced in up to 20 per cent of cases. For the remaining cases other symptoms are looked for.
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The prevalence of burning or itching sensation in and around the vaginal region is a sure shot way to tell whether a woman is suffering from vaginal yeast infection or not. This type of burning and itching can induce further symptoms such as reddening of the vulvular skin.

Difficulty in urinating or the flare up of burning sensation is also a symptom of vaginal yeast infection. However, since these symptoms are also caused by urinary tract infection it is best that another set of symptoms (such as those mentioned above) be referred to conclusively point out presence of vaginal yeast infection. If it is urinary tract infection then the burning sensation would be felt in the urinary tract. In case of yeast infection, it would be felt on the edges of the vagina (or wherever the acidic urine comes in contact with the irritated skin).

Along with all these symptoms, indulging in intimate sexual intercourse also becomes painful.

Treatment for Yeast Infection
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Yeast infection can be treated from the outside as well as from the inside. While gels and other lubricating lotions are topical medications there are others which can be taken orally. Yeastrol is one example of such orally-administered medication. It can be bought over the counter. The best part is that since it is homeopathic it does not have any side-effects and is absolutely safe. It can reduce pain and irritation within two days. The best part is that unlike gels and topical medications, using it is not at all messy.

Have a Proper Diagnosis Done Before Beginning the Treatment
Not all of the above-mentioned symptoms would occur at the same time in a woman. Further, the intensity of experience of these symptoms may differ from one woman to another. Hence, it is best that they go to a qualified physician for a full diagnosis. This would help ruling out other, more important causes of these symptoms.


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